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PMU certification can change your life. It will provide you with greater flexibility as you can work part time and earn better income than many full time jobs will pay.

Perfect for stay at home moms with demanding schedules and for anyone seeking a career change where you can be the boss!

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Did you know every single day someone wakes up and realizes they have four eyebrows?! Well, maybe she doesn't actually have four brows (Some do though!) BUT she sure feels like she does.

These women start googling franticly for help once they realize they hate that cheap set of bad brows they bought from the other girl down the road. Become certified in Corrective Cosmetics (and utilize our bonus marketing kit) so that these women find you!

We offer both RWND Saline lifting and Brow Correction Courses. Enroll today and save someone's face (Seriously)!

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Can I Really Learn PMU Online?

Yes! Our course are easy follow so you can learn PMU online conveniently from you location and as your own schedule permits. Each course utilizes video, reading and audio lessons. You will complete practical assignments and a clinical assignment that includes performing a treatment on a live model! You can complete this from your location and will receive ongoing instructor support through our PMU student App as much or as little as you choose.

Over the years we have trained thousands of happy and students worldwide that started out as online students just like you and we coached them to be successful PMU artists!

After the course you will continue to have access to the course contents and your instructors as well as our marketing. We will be with you as a trusted resource throughout your journey.

Do I Need The Student Starter Kit?

We strongly recommend purchasing the optional student kit with your enrollment if you are new to PMU or want to upgrade your products.

We always only include the industry premium products. Depending upon your course curriculum your kit may include some of the industry's most trusted pigments (Permablend), Microblades (Tina Davies) and our Signature PMU Device the Alpha i which includes a full warranty.

How Long Does It Take To Complete The Course?

With our courses you can work at your own pace, on your own schedule. The course can be comfortably completed in as little as one weekend or you can take your time and finish in a month or more. We provide a year of ongoing support with includes continued access to your student dashboard and support app. This way you can continue to review any materials as needed, access client forms, consult with one of our instructors to get help with your client consultations.

What Is EMarketing Genius?

This bonus is Genius for sure! Our agreement with EMarketing Genius provides you with a starter set of expertly created social posts so that you can promote your services and all you need to do is post! Plus- once you get too busy to post EMarketing Genius can even help with that. (Extra services available)